Kathak - FAQs

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1.    Can I learn Kathak without having to do grading exams?

Yes. Grading is completely optional.

2.    What grading exams options are available?

ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) grading option for Indian Classical Dance is available to all students. We will help facilitate the exam entries. For more information, please visit the ISTD website.

3.    How long does it take to learn Kathak?

It really differs from person to person. Some students may be able to progress quicker than others. It depends on your determination, commitment and willingness to practice. There will always be a class at your level so there is no need to feel rushed.

4.    Do I need prior dance training experience?

No prior dance experience is needed. Everyone can learn Kathak dance. The beginner level classes are for experienced and inexperienced students.

5.    I am not from UK; can I still join your classes?

Yes. The classes are open to students worldwide. If the published time is not suitable for your time zone, then please register interest and we can start a new batch when minimum 4 to 5 students become available for a mutually convenient time slot.

6.    How long are the classes? 

Kathak classes run for 45 - 50 minutes once a week, some exceptions may happen, such as special workshops by visiting artists or special events or a shorter class for younger children.

7.    May I join in the middle of a session? 

We do our best to adjust you, but we prefer that you join at the beginning of a term. We do not allow students to join the session after the 2nd week of a term. You may however take a private lesson with the instructor to get caught up so you may join in the middle of the series.

8.    What happens if I miss one of the weeks in a session? 

You may take a make-up class during the drop-in session or go for a one-to-one session at a discounted one-to-one lesson rate.

9.    How many terms are there in a year? 

NSDS offers 3 terms, autumn, spring and summer, similar to an academic school year in UK. Autumn term starts in September, it continues until December, spring term starts in January and typically continues to around March and summer term starts in April and runs until around July. Each term will have 12 lessons but may vary at times.

10.    What is the schedule? 

Please check our website for the latest schedule. https://nsdanceschool.com/fees.html

11.    What is the cost of a session? 

The term fee is £144, which is £12 for each lesson. Second or more member from the same family may receive 10% discount.

12.    How do I register? 

Please email us at info@nsdanceschool.com and we will send you a registration form and invoice for the term. This form can be filled using online pdf editor or you can print out the registration form, fill it out with your information and scan or take a picture and email it to NSDS and make the appropriate payment.

13.    What payments options are available for the classes?

Pupils in UK can pay by bank transfer (preferred method). International pupils can pay by card payment where international payment is allowed on their card (we use Stripe to collect card payments), or they can use cross border money transfer apps like TransferWise, Western Union etc. Please note if paying by PayPal there will be a surcharge of 5%.

14.    Do you take payment by PayPal?

Yes, but payment by PayPal is subject to a 5% surcharge. 

15.    I have learnt some Kathak, is there an intermediate/advanced batch I can join?

Yes, please register interest and when 4 to 5 students are available with similar skill level then a new batch can be started at a mutually convenient time. Also, our students in the current beginners’ batches will eventually progress to intermediate / advanced level, so we will have dedicated time slots for intermediate and advanced levels.

16.    Can I have a trial lesson?

There is a drop-in session on certain Saturdays which is £25 for a 45-minute session. If you do decide to join the school, then the £25 can be offset against the term fee.

17.    Do you also offer in-person classes besides online classes?

Currently the classes are online only, but once the COVID restrictions are lifted and life returns to normalcy, the option to take in-person classes will be available to students wishing to attend in-person and willing to travel to Harrow (Greater London, UK)

18.    How old do I have to be to take class? 

We offer classes to students’ ages 6 and onwards to teens and adults. 

19.    Can I learn Kathak at 18?

Yes! It’s never too late to learn Kathak! We have students who are in their 40s and 50s totally enjoying learning Kathak for the first time. It just requires some discipline and commitment to learn the vocabulary.

20.    What to wear? 

We suggest you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes that you can move in. Suggested clothing: kurta pyjama (Indian outfit), lightweight pants like tights, yoga pants, drawstring pants and long top – but please no jeans or shorts. 

21.    How are class levels defined? 

Beginners - Absolute beginner. No dance training necessary or some dance/movement experience.

Intermediate - Minimum of 3-4 years of prior Kathak training.

Advanced – Minimum of 7 years of prior Kathak training.

22.    Do you also teach semi-classical?

Currently no, but we do plan to add this once a suitable instructor becomes available so you can register interest by reaching out to us on info@nsdanceschool.com and we will keep you posted.

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